For All of Tokusatsu&Anime Fans

Welcome to JASPA ( Japanese Anime Songs Piano Arrangement ) world!!

You can download my compilation of sheets and MIDI files. Click each category, and you’ll get the list of the all sheets and MIDI files of the category.
This website provides you with piano sheets and MIDI files of mainly theme songs of Japanese anime & Tokusatsu series. All of sheets are targeted at intermediate players with 5-10 years of experience.

I’d like to emphasize one key point I’ve kept in mind, and the pith of my way of compiling piano sheets.

-Once you get a knack of playing several phrase patterns, you can apply them to almost all other songs.

My sheets will offer you the very skill of effortless piano performance.
– Now just download the PDF formatted sheets and enjoy “Prima Facie” amazing performance, then entertain everyone around you!!

16 comments on “For All of Tokusatsu&Anime Fans
  1. 天宮星璃 says:

    I want the sheet ,thanks

  2. Raix says:

    Thank you so much for playing and providing these treasured sheet for us. I found your Youtube just by chance. I hope more people can discover your site soon!

    All the best luck for your career!

  3. Jboggs64 says:

    Can you make sheet music for Kamen Rider Drive? I’ve looked everywhere but no one has any

  4. D_Broch says:

    Thank you sooooo much kuroto, I’ve been looking for this sheet music for months and now I have it thanks to you. Thank you soooo much and hope you expand your career man! Good luck.

  5. Cho yeseoul says:

    애니음악 많이 다운받았으면 좋겠어요~

  6. Jenny says:

    I love One Piece so much♥♥
    So I want to play the opening song with your sheet!

  7. oru says:

    Congrats on 10Million views!

  8. Stuartj says:

    So can we expect to hear your version of Professor Gill’s evil flute from Kikaida?

    • kuroto2000 says:

      I can’t play the flute, but my sister can :p
      For your information, the tone of Gill’s evil flute was actually created by using ‘Minimoog’, an analog synthesizer developed by Moog company.
      Chumei Watanabe, the composer for Kaikaida is the 2nd Japanese composer who purchased an analog synthesizer in Japan back then. (the 1st one is Isao Tomita well-known for his works of ‘Captain Ultra’).

    • Guilherme (brazil) says:

      Please send “A Small Departure from Breath of Fire Dragoon Quarter” sheet music or midi for my email, this music is so beautifull. I love your compositions

  9. うぉんちゃん says:


    • kuroto2000 says:


  10. Bao Bui Huu says:

    Hi, i’ve been looking for piano sheet of Ookami kodomo ame to yuki, could you share it if you have?
    Thanksssss in advance

  11. Matthew Barclay says:

    Do you have the sheets/midi to Dairanger OP? It doesn’t seem to be on the website

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