The true story “Who voiced Ultraman first?”

Masao Nakasone, a voice actor was chosen as Ultraman(voice), but on the day of recording, he accidentally couldn’t show up on time because he was late for the recording for episode one. So someone had to do Ultraman’s voice. Hajime Tsuburaya tried acting Ultraman at first, but it wasn’t good. Consequently Hisashi Kondo, the recording engineer read the lines in episode one. Later he played Ultraman (voice) in the final episode.
Rumor has it that Masao Nakasone was scolded by Mr.Tsuburaya harshly later. He consequently missed the chance to act Ultraman’s ‘speaking’ but he could still have chance to act this gigantic hero’s shouting ‘Schwatch!!’.
To get a good reverb, he even put his head into the piano.
Thanks to his unusually effort, the world-wide well-known roar, ‘Schwatch!!’ was created.

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First & Second life in Tokusatsu

The actor who was in suit of ‘Daimajin’ was Chikara Hashimoto, ex-professinal baseball player. Hashimoto tried hard not to blink even though the studio was filled with powder dust and cork powder in the air. His effort made his eyes get bloodshot. Glaring at camera with his bloodshot eyes gave a great impression of anger and furious look. This ‘bloodshot eyes’ got to become his icon. Yoshiyuki Kuroda, SFX director of ‘Daimajin’ highly acclaimed “the power of the eyes”. He cast Hashimoto in the role of ‘Daimon’, main character of villain in ‘Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare’

The late Akira Yamaguchi, who is best known for his role as “Jouji Yuuki/Riderman” was one of the candidate for the leading role of “Kamen Rider V3” at first. He was dying to be V3 so much that he dared to visit the house of Toru Hirayama, a director of Toei to appeal. After quitting an actor, he became an executive of a small food company whose owner was his wife’s father. He was in charge of a restaurant at Toukai-dai Sagami high school. He was popular among the students and was called “Riderman no ojisan (Riderman daddy).”

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Pointer revs up Dan Moroboshi / Ultra Seven and then stalls at the shooting

According to Kazuho Mitsuta, a director and producer of Ultraseven, at planning stage, Dan Moroboshi performed by Koji Moritsugu was a mere driver of Ultra-Keibitai (The Ultra Guard), not a regular member. He was supposed to overcome a lot of hardships and then admitted as a regular member.
However Mr.Moritsugu didn’t have a driver’s license back then, so he was set to be a regular member from the beginning.

For your information
Kazuho Mitsuta played the announcements in The Ultra Guard Base. You can hear his
voice at the scene of Ultra-Hawk’s launching.

Pointer was GREATLY-MODIFIED Chrysler Imperial ’57 South ampton 4Door Hardtop. As you might know, Tsuburaya production bought it as used car but it was terrible condition. It stalled out so frequently. The staff often had to pushed the car up to a slope to film a scene where Pointer runs.
According to Mr.Nakayama as captain Kiriyama, this car was used for transporting actors. When it was used for such a purpose, some of the parts were removed due to Japanese traffic code. Mr.Nakayama recalls : “When we were waiting for green light, I was so embarrassed to ride on this flashy car.”
After all episodes were aired, this cool vehicle was presented to a certain kindergarten in Tokyo.

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Tokusatsu villains without “Makeup”

This is Great Doctor Lee Keflen in “Choushinsei Flashman” and the actor Kouji Shimizu who portrayed Keflen. According to an interview article on Shimizu, when he got an offer for Keflen, he asked his son if his son would mind his dad playing the villain in TV show which was highly expected to be watched by his son’s friends. He seriously worried that his son could got bullied just because of the son of the enemy of kid’s hero.His son said he wouldn’t mind at all, so Shimizu decided to accept the offer.

Jiro Miyaguchi, who is well known for role of Colonel Zol in Kamen Rider has really tender heart. One day he was kicked by a kid after his showing up as Colonel Zol in Kamen Rider stage show.
He recalls : “As a villain-actor, I’m very lucky and proud to be kicked by a kid. I hope that kid grow up keeping justice in mind.”

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The reason “Ultra Ace” becomes “Ultraman Ace”

This is “怪傑透明ウルトラエース(Swift Invisible Ultra A)” created by Marusan co.

It’s obviously a bogus hero-like figure. It seems that the production intended to make grown-ups who have little knowledge on hero program buy as souvenir for their kids by making them confusing actually TV-aired hero character. However this fake stuff brought about one of the greatest incidents on Tokusatsu history. The sequel of “帰ってきたウルトラマン(Ultraman JACK or Ultraman the Return)” was supposed to be “Ultra Ace” not “Ultraman Ace”. Tsuburaya production was planning to name this series as “Ultra series” rather than “Ultra-MAN” series. Actually the trailer aired on the final episode of “Ultraman JACK” called the next hero as “Ultra Ace”. However to Tsuburaya pro’s dismay, the name “Ultra Ace” had been already registered as trade mark. Yes, the toy maker of this petty character had the audacity to insist on its copyright. Due to this claim, “Ultra Ace” had to change its name into “Ultra-Man Ace”, and its theme song was retaken. If this character hadn’t existed, the sequel heroes would have been “Ultra Taro”, “Ultra Leo”, and furthermore we would have “ULTRA ORB” now.

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