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9 comments on “Contact me
  1. emand says:

    hello, I can’t find Grendizer OP sheet! 🙁

  2. Iverson says:

    Can I Request For The Piano MIDI of Highschool DxD Songs like Bless Your Name, Symphaty? Thank You very much .

    • kuroto2000 says:

      Sorry for a late reply.
      I’m afraid to say I don’t take any request because if I took somebody’s I would have to take everyone to be fair.
      But I’m planning to do a large-scaled survey on what songs my subscribers expect me to play, what I should do, what is the best way to satisfy as many fans as possible with my limited time and ability.
      For now I’m thinking of conduct survey questionnaire on my Facebook group ‘Japanese Anime Songs Piano Arrangement’, and I would even make video for Youtube in which what songs you want me to play most.
      For a long time, I’d set a strict rule to not take any request, but I’m getting to change my mind these days. I want to live up to expectations of my fans.
      If you have some ideas or plans, let me know please 🙂

      -Tetsuya Shima (kuroto2000)

  3. John Rankin says:

    Hello Tetsuya

    I really enjoyed listening to your piano version of “Six Ultra Brothers”. Any chance you will upload its piano sheet music?

    Thank you so much!

  4. acepercy says:

    Could you please upload the sheet for getter robo intro and Mazinger Z intro, thanks!

  5. Jack Dawson says:

    Thanks for sharing the piano sheet with us. Could you make アグル降臨 with us? I would like to donate for your work. Thanks.

  6. Charles says:

    Can I make a request for Kamen Rider Decade ending, ‘Ride The Wind’? Thanks 🙂

    Btw ur songs are good asf

  7. Paul says:

    Hello, This is Paul from Taiwan.

    May i know do you have “Fusigi no Umi no Nadia: into tomorrow” piano sheet.

    I would like to play it during my wedding.

    Thank you very much !

  8. Vincent MacMillan says:

    Hello, Tetsuya-san,
    I’d like to request the sheet music for “Justice- Kamen Rider Chronos” if I could… I am trying to learn buy ear, but I do find playing without sheet music a pain. I saw how expertly you played, and I am really into Kamen Rider Exaid.
    -a fan of your music

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