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Pointer revs up Dan Moroboshi / Ultra Seven and then stalls at the shooting

According to Kazuho Mitsuta, a director and producer of Ultraseven, at planning stage, Dan Moroboshi performed by Koji Moritsugu was a mere driver of Ultra-Keibitai (The Ultra Guard), not a regular member. He was supposed to overcome a lot of

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The reason “Ultra Ace” becomes “Ultraman Ace”

This is “怪傑透明ウルトラエース(Swift Invisible Ultra A)” created by Marusan co. It’s obviously a bogus hero-like figure. It seems that the production intended to make grown-ups who have little knowledge on hero program buy as souvenir for their kids by making

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Impulsive Shopper got Ultra technology -One more ‘Head’ brought Astronomically Successful Series-

In 1963, Toho company filming its Sci-Fi movie titled ‘Matango’ purchased an Oxberry’s optical printer 1900 series to meet the requirement of SFX scenes with high quality. However Tsuburaya, the SFX director of this movie wasn’t satisfied with the performance

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Ultraman TIGA

The opening theme “Take Me Higher” To download files, click the right mouse button and select ‘save the link as’ Download Sheets Download MIDI File You can preview the piano performance on Youtube Take Me Higher on piano The ending

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