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8 things you must’ve seen once or more in Japanese Tokusatsu (especially Toei Tokusatsu)

1. Those called ‘Professor’ or ‘Doctor’ basically can do anything, know everything regardless of their specialty. 2. People attacked by venomous monster turn too much pale, suffering with mysterious symptom without any treatment, but get well naturally right after the

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# A FIELD OF VIEW WHEN IN GODZILLA’S SUIT This is difficult to explain. Right after putting on the heavy-suit over 100kg (222lbs), you can see outside VAGUELY through small 12 holes on the throat of Godzilla. These holes called

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Impulsive Shopper got Ultra technology -One more ‘Head’ brought Astronomically Successful Series-

In 1963, Toho company filming its Sci-Fi movie titled ‘Matango’ purchased an Oxberry’s optical printer 1900 series to meet the requirement of SFX scenes with high quality. However Tsuburaya, the SFX director of this movie wasn’t satisfied with the performance

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