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Kamen Rider Zi-O

Over “Quartzer” :The opening theme of “Kamen Rider Zi-O” To download the sheet, click the right mouse button and select ‘save link as’ Download Sheets You can preview the piano performance on Youtube Over “Quartzer” on piano  

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Seiji Takaiwa

Seiji Takaiwa a.k.a Mr.Kamen Rider Anybody who got into Tokusatsu must have heard his name. I’ll leave a perfunctory introduction to Wikipedia in English. I’ll introduce some quote from some magazine’s article or something. First of all why he chose

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Once a Hero, Always a Hero

#1 KAMEN RIDER ZX BEATS A SNATCHER Shun Sugata a.k.a Ryo Murasame/Kamen Rider ZX has been officially commended by Mejiro Tokyo police department for arresting a bag snatcher in Dec. 2005. According to Sugata, on his way home he heard

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Missing Cyborg Case / Kamen Rider No.1

In May 1972, The staff of Kamen Rider got shocked. Hiroshi Fujioka ran away from filming of Kamen Rider. Through the media even kids got to know this incident. According to the media, Fujioka had auditioned a drama titled “Akahige”

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8 things you must’ve seen once or more in Japanese Tokusatsu (especially Toei Tokusatsu)

1. Those called ‘Professor’ or ‘Doctor’ basically can do anything, know everything regardless of their specialty. 2. People attacked by venomous monster turn too much pale, suffering with mysterious symptom without any treatment, but get well naturally right after the

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