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Unsung background of Rider’s singing

-Ichiro Mizuki was originally supposed to sing the theme song of Kamen Rider Super1- (from an interview article with Shunsuke Takasugi) After the press conference for the new series,Kamen Rider Super1, they threw a party. One of the staff said,

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The true story “Who voiced Ultraman first?”

Masao Nakasone, a voice actor was chosen as Ultraman(voice), but on the day of recording, he accidentally couldn’t show up on time because he was late for the recording for episode one. So someone had to do Ultraman’s voice. Hajime

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First & Second life in Tokusatsu

The actor who was in suit of ‘Daimajin’ was Chikara Hashimoto, ex-professinal baseball player. Hashimoto tried hard not to blink even though the studio was filled with powder dust and cork powder in the air. His effort made his eyes

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Pointer revs up Dan Moroboshi / Ultra Seven and then stalls at the shooting

According to Kazuho Mitsuta, a director and producer of Ultraseven, at planning stage, Dan Moroboshi performed by Koji Moritsugu was a mere driver of Ultra-Keibitai (The Ultra Guard), not a regular member. He was supposed to overcome a lot of

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Tokusatsu villains without “Makeup”

This is Great Doctor Lee Keflen in “Choushinsei Flashman” and the actor Kouji Shimizu who portrayed Keflen. According to an interview article on Shimizu, when he got an offer for Keflen, he asked his son if his son would mind

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