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The reason “Ultra Ace” becomes “Ultraman Ace”

This is “怪傑透明ウルトラエース(Swift Invisible Ultra A)” created by Marusan co. It’s obviously a bogus hero-like figure. It seems that the production intended to make grown-ups who have little knowledge on hero program buy as souvenir for their kids by making

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Unexpected appearance

This man is SSS9, who is a spy and assassin playing a prominent part in the events of Godzilla vs. Biollante. Believe it or not, he wasn’t an actor but a chief executive of ‘1st.Avenue’, an ad production. He came

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Secret behind the name of ‘Ultraman Taro’

At the planning stage, name of 6th Ultra warrior was ‘Ultraman Star’. Then ‘Ultraman Jack’ was floated as the top candidate. However in those days hijack was a serious social problem, and ‘Jack’ could be associated with a negative image.

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Once a Hero, Always a Hero

#1 KAMEN RIDER ZX BEATS A SNATCHER Shun Sugata a.k.a Ryo Murasame/Kamen Rider ZX has been officially commended by Mejiro Tokyo police department for arresting a bag snatcher in Dec. 2005. According to Sugata, on his way home he heard

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Missing Cyborg Case / Kamen Rider No.1

In May 1972, The staff of Kamen Rider got shocked. Hiroshi Fujioka ran away from filming of Kamen Rider. Through the media even kids got to know this incident. According to the media, Fujioka had auditioned a drama titled “Akahige”

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