Once a Hero, Always a Hero


Shun Sugata a.k.a Ryo Murasame/Kamen Rider ZX has been officially commended by Mejiro Tokyo police department for arresting a bag snatcher in Dec. 2005. According to Sugata, on his way home he heard a woman screaming “Bag Snatcher!!!”and the next moment he saw the criminal running away.  Sugata chased the snatcher and tracked down to the dead-end street. Then the grabber rushed toward him. With the help of a passing mail man, ex-Rider overpowered the culprit. Later he said the hold technique of Jiu-Jutsu skill had also helped him a lot. He joked “As an actor I have mainly played roles of ‘another side’ such as yakuza or gangster” to the media. The media reported this incident going for the tone of “Real Kamen Rider fights for justice!”


Kihachirou Uemura (51) a.k.a Dai (Green Flash in ‘Cho Shinsei Flashman’) has also been officially commended for saving a life by Kanda fire department on 12 July 2012. On July 3 Mr.Uemura saw an old man falling onto the ground and suffering cardiopulmonary arrest at Akihabara station around 10AM on his way from work. He immediately gave a heart massage, artificial respiration, andperformed emergency aid procedures by using AED. The old man was pulled back to consciousness and escaped death.
Mr.UEMURA has once participated in a training session of emergency first aid. He had been invited to this session by his “hero mate”, Yu Tokita, a.k.a Kousaku Nango (Dyna Yellow in ‘Kagaku Sentai Dynaman’). Since then he has kept doing a volunteer activity of teaching about first aid in elementary schools.

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