8 things you must’ve seen once or more in Japanese Tokusatsu (especially Toei Tokusatsu)

1. Those called ‘Professor’ or ‘Doctor’ basically can do anything, know everything regardless of their specialty.
2. People attacked by venomous monster turn too much pale, suffering with mysterious symptom without any treatment, but get well naturally right after the monster’s death.
3. Most monsters can’t die without explosion.
4. Mechanical robots with AI (Artificial Intelligence) can do anything.
5. The blueprint of a gigantic robot with futuristic technology needs only one-large paper.
6. Automatic doors in secret base open upward, moving vertically.
7. When heroes sneak into a secret base of their enemy, the villains are usually discuss their evil plot, letting heroes know everything.
8. An infantry soldier spotting a disguised hero often report to his boss shouting “Intruder with SUSPICIOUS LOOK!”. In most cases, the boss in eccentric costume looks much more suspicious to ordinal people.

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