First & Second life in Tokusatsu

The actor who was in suit of ‘Daimajin’ was Chikara Hashimoto, ex-professinal baseball player. Hashimoto tried hard not to blink even though the studio was filled with powder dust and cork powder in the air. His effort made his eyes get bloodshot. Glaring at camera with his bloodshot eyes gave a great impression of anger and furious look. This ‘bloodshot eyes’ got to become his icon. Yoshiyuki Kuroda, SFX director of ‘Daimajin’ highly acclaimed “the power of the eyes”. He cast Hashimoto in the role of ‘Daimon’, main character of villain in ‘Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare’

The late Akira Yamaguchi, who is best known for his role as “Jouji Yuuki/Riderman” was one of the candidate for the leading role of “Kamen Rider V3” at first. He was dying to be V3 so much that he dared to visit the house of Toru Hirayama, a director of Toei to appeal. After quitting an actor, he became an executive of a small food company whose owner was his wife’s father. He was in charge of a restaurant at Toukai-dai Sagami high school. He was popular among the students and was called “Riderman no ojisan (Riderman daddy).”

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